Our efficiency for your success


What we offer :

  • A customised recruitment process that complements your constraints of deadline and budget
  • Cost optimisation sensitivity with flexible, fixed price contracts

We can offer 3 types of contracts, depending on your strategy, your organization and your recruitment process :

  1. Recruiting :

    For each recruitment, we will present several profiles. We interview each candidate,conduct an assessment, control their professional references, and present an analysis of their personality, if requested.

  2. Consulting :

    We work within your company, for an agreed period (15 days to 12 months), and act as an external consultant. Our recruitment services remain the same as above, but our fees are calculated on a scalable agreed daily rate.

  3. Subcontracting :

    We work as a recruitment agency and subcontract via our partner to your company. Our partner, a service company based in Toulouse, sign contract with the recruited candidates who will work in your enterprise.

Our mission: to make you successful through, competence and compliance to specific objectivity with of course, outstanding quality.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email to see how we can bring tangible value to your organisation.